Our Services

1st Home For U is here to offer reentry assistance to help individuals navigate the system to gain the tools that will create social stability in their lives. We nurture wellness, and guidance that will help each person to connect with resources that will increase their quality of life.

Our greatest hope is to attract an abundant amount of provisions and partners who will give endless support to our operations.

LGBTQ support

Housing and Transition Program

1st Home For U provides housing, education, and other forms of support for the successful reentry of former justice-involved individuals into society. Our program is structures to prevent prison recidivism, increase job opportunities, and enhance overall well-being.

The Main Goal: Social Stability

The goal is to provide a standard of life structure and a reliable routine that guard against and prohibit the recurrence of people, places, and old habits, as well as things that threaten freedom. We nurture skills that protect against poor health practices and neglect an individual’s own well-being and those around them.

Social stability will be achieved by educating the individual through quality lifestyle training, which includes maintaining a connection to resources that will help build the best life possible for the individual and their community in the Greater Los Angeles area in California.