Who We Are

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1st Home For U welcomes formerly incarcerated men and women to take their 1st reentry steps to their brighter future

Our greatest hope is to attract an abundant amount of provisions and partners who will give endless support to our operations.

Zan Mason, CEO- is an Educator and Entrepreneur from Los Angeles, California. He is very interested in the well-being of homeless and disabled who are misplaced in institutions or that have become recidivist offenders caught in the web of mass incarceration and subsequent revolving homeless crisis epidemic. Zan’s passion for humanity has motivated his efforts to offer his humble services through Supportive Reentry Housing that provides resources and wraparound service referrals to social services available in our community. Thus, with every outcome delivered through our program a step towards “social stability” will be achieved by each individual actively engaged in the utilization of resources provided by 1st Home For U, Supportive Reentry Housing.

Social Stability is defined as a standard of life structure and reliable routine that does guard and prohibits the reoccurrence of old habits, people, places and things that bring threats of freedom, poor health practices, disregard and neglect for an individual’s own well-being and those around them. Social Stability will be learned by educating the individual through quality lifestyle training which includes maintaining a connection with those resources that will help to build the “best lives” for the individual and those in their community as well.


Meet the Founder – Cynthia Stephens

Cynthia Stephens, Operations Manager-is a woman of great faith and compassion for the wellness and uplifting of individuals in socioeconomic strife who are living in crisis. It is her belief and lifelong dedicated commitment to do “all” that is within her power to help those who are suffering to build better lives for themselves by enriching their lives with necessary and most vital resources that uplift their standard of living.

Cynthia believes that an individual can start as many times as necessary to get themselves into the right place, with the right people supporting their effort and helping them to navigate to where their hearts desire for them to be. Cynthia has worked as an Alcohol, Drug and Other Substance Abuse Counselor, an Educational Tutor in the community and inside of razor wired facilities to help those without or who needed to continue educational goals to prepare for General Education Diploma Test, and College Entry Tests, she has also volunteered her efforts as a Disabilities Advocate and Employment and Life Planner.

We’re united, dedicated, devoted and always willing to help. We’re an able and reliable Staff at 1st Home For U. We’re here to provide the greatest quality of service, referrals, and resources to reentry individuals. We’re helping to end homelessness for reentry individuals. We offer encouragement, knowledge, positive motivation to reentry individuals along with a warm smile and clean atmosphere along their life’s journey.

Our Goals…

First, we recognize the Steps to the Reintegration Process:

  1. Stable housing
  2. Establishing an income
  3. Independent living

Along the pathway to acquiring these goals; are standards. Choices that the reentry individual will examine and choose according to personal needs to relieve their critical situation.

1st Home For U is the place to begin that life journey toward making a success of your reentry status. We will help you to find the proper and correct resources that will uplift your crisis and help you to achieve the goals set to establish a quality of life. Staff at 1st Home For U works diligently with support applied where needed to see reentry individuals find stability in income, housing, and independent living free of habits that will consequently cause defeat. 1st Home For U is where your “new life” begins. We’re here to help you win, win, win!

1st Home For U assist you with a list of priorities to help you accomplish the most important things first. Mental and Medical Health referrals are available. Sobriety Meetings for alcohol, drugs, all substances and addiction behaviors are also available upon evaluation and just by asking.